It was during the Solitaire du FIGARO 2021 that our group proudly supported participant Damien Cloarec! 

We sponsored this skipper with our subsidiary Tanguy Matériaux and our Fin'Lam brand. La Solitaire started on August 22, 2021 from the city of Saint-Nazaire and ended at the same place on September 16. This 4-week race had 34 participants, with four stages on the program and a route of almost 2,500 miles! The first stage started from the city of Saint-Nazaire to Lorient, the second from Lorient to Fécamp, the third linked Fécamp to Roscoff, and finally the fourth stage started from Roscoff and ended in Saint-Nazaire. 

After all these difficult and emotional stages, Damien finished in 23rd place in the general classification and it was the young Mediterranean, Pierre Quiroga who won this competition. Damien had seen his project come to fruition a few weeks before the start and was not prepared like most of the competitors who trained throughout the year. 

We are proud of his journey, he fought against himself and against others not to be at the bottom of the rankings. We are also delighted to have been one of its sponsors and to have contributed to the realization of this great adventure!

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