Our professionals

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Thanks to our local concrete batching plants, we deliver high-performance technical concrete suitable for all types of construction sites. 

Our Concrete sector now includes 4 agencies: 

- 2 BCA branches in Milizac and Guipavas 

- 1 BCE Landerneau branch 

- 1 SPO agency in Briec  

- 2 agencies Agglomat Le Doré at Clohars-Carnoët and Caudan


Technique: The concrete produced in the plant is homogeneous and eliminates the difficulty of manufacturing on site. 

Accuracy: It is obtained in the dosages and mixing much better controlled in the plant than on the site. The concrete obtained can have exactly the desired criteria with the assurance that all quality tests have been respected. 

Productivity: The factory rates allow better productivity while reducing the costs related to the logistics management of the material (immobilization, reception, storage). Ready-mixed concrete is therefore synonymous with quality to increase both profitability and efficiency.