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In 2013, the TANGUY group acquired shares in CLOIREC Matériaux, located in Saint-Avé in Morbihan (56). 

Since the beginning of 2020, Cloirec Matériaux is now part of the Tanguy Matériaux Group and the company can be pleased to officially welcome Patrice CLOIREC, as well as the 8 specialized employees of his company, within our workforce. Patrice and his sister Florence CLOIREC took over the business founded by their grandfather in 1969 in 2000. They moved to the Kermelin area, on a 21,000 m² plot of land in September 2003, then equipped themselves 6 months later with an efficient block production tool. From then on, they focus their activity on the manufacture of concrete blocks and slabs (to NF & CE standards since 2006) as well as on the distribution of structural work products for professionals and individuals. 

CLOIREC is diversifying by distributing other materials such as concrete or polystyrene flooring, brick, cellular concrete blocks, and many other products derived from concrete, designed in small quantities as well as in large quantities.