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Our subsidiary Le Doré, also called “La Vieille Dame” was founded in 1845 by André Le Doré in the town of Auray (56), near the river. In its early days, the company imported timber from the North, managed logging operations and operated a mechanical steam sawmill. 

At the same time, André LE DORE also operated a small carpentry workshop to which he added a shipyard. After the death of the founder, it was his son Louis Le Doré who succeeded him for more than 45 years, then his grandson Henri Le Doré Senior. 

In the years 1924, a new direction for the company took shape. Indeed, with the arrival of the first trains, port traffic had considerably decreased to make way for freight trains. This is why Henri Le Doré Senior decided to carry out a large project of more than one hectare in the station district. We could find a steam engine there which drove a long steel shaft on which the belts of various machines were wound near a shed. A very modern installation for the time! 

 In the 1940s, Henri Le Doré Junior took over from his father to manage the family business. A new turning point for the company, which was modernized with the arrival of new technologies and trucks to replace workhorses, as well as the hiring of additional new employees. It was in 1963 that the company made a 360° turn. She abandoned lumber and the sawmill to start manufacturing and selling chipboard or other building materials. After more than 150 years of history, Henri Le Doré Junior decided to sell his family business to our Tanguy Matériaux Group in 1991. 

A page was then turned for this company, in a spirit of continuity and trust, by passing the torch to our group to perpetuate the core business of Le Doré. Today, Le Doré has 6 agencies in Morbihan (56). Specialized in structural work, you will also find all types of products that can be used to carry out your future renovation, construction or interior design projects.