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With its experience in the service of construction players, the Tanguy Matériaux Group decided to embark on standard & custom-made precast concrete with the company Pref’X in 2017. 

A new factory is opening in Plouédern in 2020, more than 2000m2 of factory to carry out all your projects. From the creation of the mold to the finished product, our subsidiary Pref’X can produce your 100% tailor-made products in this unit. Equipped with 4 high-capacity bridges, we can move up to 20 tons of concrete in our workshops for your largest sites. 

Discover our wide range of products: bleachers, walls, pools, balconies, facades, stairs, beams, sills, posts, lift shafts, stairwells, one-piece frames, drainage, gutters and borders, benches & benches, planters, post-pre-slab, insulated beam, storage wall, garden layout and architectural elements, our teams can fulfill all your desires! 

The steps to carry out your project: 

1 – Contact one of our specialized sales representatives 

2 – Design of your project by our design office 

3 – Manufacture of prefabricated modules in our Plouédern factory 

4 – Delivery by crane truck with a range of up to 21m.