Armor Bois

Our professionals

Professionnel ou particulier ? Nos équipes sont présentes pour vous apporter des conseils et solutions à tous vos projets ! N’hésitez pas à rendre visite à nos commerciaux en agence pour découvrir notre large gamme de produits. 


Armor Bois was founded in 1989, when Finarmoric GT took over the company GUEZENNEC, a specialist in timber and exotic wood. FINARMORIC GT, for its part, has been part of the Tanguy Matériaux group since 2008. 

 Today Armor Bois is specialized in the woods of the world, the design and manufacture of interior and exterior joinery for all types of projects! After having obtained the FSC and PEFC certifications guaranteeing the marketing of wood products from responsibly managed forests, this commitment continues by joining the LCB charter on volumes of purchase and sale of eco-certified products. 

Most ? We offer technical support and expertise for your achievements. We study all your projects and calculate the most suitable solution for your constructions or extensions thanks to our design office. We carry out all technical studies in wooden frames, extensions, solid wood frames and glued laminated timber... Plans from the architect or project manager allow us to draw up a book of detailed plans, the layouts, the chronology of the arrangements and costing of materials needed. Our very wide range of wood species allows us to offer you a customized machined product in complete harmony with the end use of your work. 4-sided planing, machining, panel bonding… as many possibilities as there are projects to be carried out.