Our professionals

Nos équipes sont présentes pour vous apporter des conseils et solutions à tous vos projets ! N’hésitez pas à prendre contact avec nos commerciaux pour découvrir notre large gamme de produits. 


Choosing Mobextan products means benefiting from our 30 years of experience and mastery of the entire wood production chain. 

Our interest in the preservation of the environment guides us in the selection of our suppliers, but also for the importation by sea of ​​our raw material. In constant evolution, our manufacturing unit offers you the assurance of high quality products. All our Mobextan products are made in the manufacturing workshop in Lannilis (29). 

Our expertise : Combining tradition and innovation, we design and manufacture a complete range for all your outdoor landscaping projects. Thanks to our design offices, our technical, sales and logistics teams, we adapt our products to the technical and aesthetic constraints of your sites. Some projects are sometimes unique and require adaptation to a specific environment, to technical constraints, or even to the wishes of the applicant. To meet these needs, we are able to produce 100% tailor-made products.