Our professionals

Professionnel ou particulier ? Nos équipes sont présentes pour vous apporter des conseils et solutions à tous vos projets ! N’hésitez pas à rendre visite à nos commerciaux en agence pour découvrir notre large gamme de produits. 


Tanguy Matériaux Distribution, the latest subsidiary to join our group! It was in December 2017 that the materials distribution branch of Pigeon entreprise (quarry, public works, concrete, lime, etc.) joined the TANGUY Group and was renamed Tanguy Matériaux Distribution. 

Present in the west of Brittany, our subsidiary TMD is established in 4 departments: 

- Ille-et-Vilaine – 35 

- Maine et Loire – 49 

- Channel – 50 

- Mayenne – 53     

With the acquisition of this branch, 16 agencies and 130 new employees have joined the group! Initially specialized in structural work, you will now also find all types of products to carry out your future renovation, construction or interior / exterior design projects.